raxo base

COMBI VAN / MINIVAN / VANS camper boxBASE 11894 PLN Universal body for vans with a large bed. A combination of plywood, aluminum and steel. Large comfortable bed with a thick mattress. Dedicated place for the fridge. Independent water system with a bowl and shower function. After installing the bodywork in the car, there is […]

raxo monck

HATCHBACK / SMALL COMBI / CROSSOVER / 4×4 Just for a monk. 3677 PLN Are you the monk type? A bed and a pull-out table are enough for you? Are you familiar with minimalism? You have just found a solution for yourself! The space under the box structure can be used for luggage or skis. […]

raxo nomad

COMBI / SMALL AND LARGE SUV Expedition box for combi or SUVNOMAD 8683 PLN All in one. Expedition box for combi or SUV for 2 people: kitchen and folding bed with comfortable mattresses + water system + space for your luggage. The first so comprehensive solution in this space. You don’t have to make excuses […]

raxo camp

COMBI VAN / MINIVAN camper boxCAMP 8905 PLN So many psosiibilities in one box. A fully modular solution that you configure according to your needs. A single or double bed or even a platform for mount a bike. Of course, all necessaries in the set: water + kitchen. A substitute for the camp, a companion […]

raxo nano

HATCHBACK / SMALL COMBI / CROSSOVER / 4×4 camper boxNANO 5892 PLN Small camping box. Maximum comfort in the minimal space. All the functions you need on board! It is also great for off-road vehicles. technical parameters compatible cars features of the products Box: 930 mm x 190 mm x 545 mm Box+ bed: 930 […]